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Falafel Machine


SLN-FLF Falafel Machine is manufactured for the production of high quality and standard products. It can produce up to 100 falafels per minute. The production amount can be adjusted at the speed you want. Falafel measure can be produced in the desired diameter and thickness in line with the customer's request. Additional molds can be purchased for different sizes. Falafel machine is made of 304 stainless steel in accordance with food contact. Stainless and IP67 certified waterproof products are used in the buttons on the front panel. Apart from our standard machine, we produce larger and automatic production lines in line with the requests of our customers.

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                                                     POWER: 0,40 KW 220 Volt 50-60 HZ

                                                     SPEED : 0.75 KW 1-30 rpm Speed controlled and power protected Driver

                                                     WEIGHT: 52 Kg

                                                     SIZE : 85x30x65 Cm

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